Midnight Mecca CafeCous Cous saladADJANDACOOK_12.7.13_BRYANANTON-39Chicken and waffle with zaatar spiced scrambled eggsfruit bowl with rose syrup almonds and sumaclamb hashIMG_1586Syrian zaatar scramble assorted mushrooms IMG_9348

Pop up cocktail party with art and a live art installation
Pop up cocktail party with art and a live art installation

IMG_6337IMG_6341IMG_6343IMG_6374IMG_6385IMG_6386IMG_6387IMG_6391IMG_6394IMG_6401IMG_6406IMG_6421IMG_6427IMG_6448IMG_6452IMG_6463IMG_6470IMG_6474IMG_6498IMG_6501IMG_6509IMG_6511IMG_6514IMG_6521IMG_6551IMG_6554IMG_6558IMG_6569IMG_6573IMG_6578IMG_6581IMG_6584IMG_6593IMG_6598IMG_6618IMG_6629IMG_6632IMG_6633IMG_6637IMG_6641IMG_6646IMG_6674IMG_6697IMG_6704IMG_6711IMG_6724IMG_6729Avocado puree roasted tomato asparagus tips black codquinoa and bulgur saladADJANDACOOK_12-1.7.13_BRYANANTON-7ADJANDACOOK_12-1.7.13_BRYANANTON-13ADJANDACOOK_12.7.13_BRYANANTON-2ADJANDACOOK_12.7.13_BRYANANTON-23ADJANDACOOK_12-1.7.13_BRYANANTON-18ADJANDACOOK_12.7.13_BRYANANTON-39ADJANDACOOK_12-1.7.13_BRYANANTON-15Morning Star Trade Route pop upMorning Star Trade Route RestaurantMixin in da Kitchen pop upSommelier Cheryl from Sarafina

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