First back to back weekend brunch

So finally after a few weeks of mediocre sales on saturdays and that Seahawk season is over, we’re doing our first saturday/sunday brunch this weekend!Since sunday is really the “day off” and for most folks saturday they are still working but would love to come out can now enjoy sundays!We’re going to do it twice a month.So the first and third sunday of each month with the back to back.Also this weekend we are doing a promotion. Africatown Innovation Center was vandalized last week and they need assistance in anyway.So if you come out to eat portion of our sales will goto supporting the rebuilding of the center.So come out for some great food,live music, and beautiful and to support our community! #whoshungry #feedthepeople #africatown #supportourcommunity #cheftarik #bombrunch12910209_10208910810749918_427742747_n

Pictured above: Ras Al Hanout spiced granola,kiwi,papaya, blueberries,mint,coconut yogurt,sumac. Photo courtesy of Zorn B Taylor



We’ve been blessed to have had Chef @tarik.abdullah in our pop-up kitchen and to have learned a lot working in his pop-up kitchen. And now, we get to present a collaborative Moroccan/Filipino menu that’s come out of exchanging ideas and spices and history. A 4-course prix-fixe reserved seating pop-up dinner happening next Monday, March 14 hosted by @fatschicken. Go to or check e bio for the link to reserve your seat. Limited to 35 seats12814815_476874595829687_6048152401599621544_n

Brunch brunch and more news!

Well brunch has been goin well with a couple days being a bit slow but thats the flow of running a restaurant but id rather be doing this than working for someone. The last couple months have been showcasing poets, now its time for music.We had DJ Jason Justice spin one saturday and next up with be the jazz trio Kaffeine playing this saturday.This will be a good turnout plus i plan to have a couple specials that may be on the new menu in a week.Also be on the lookout for a new collaboration with a fellow pop up crew!Sunday brunches will be back in april which will mean weekend brunch woop woop! One thing for sure our brunch crew is great to work with and i thank you for all of your energy and hard work! New menu on the way ,but below are some of the dishes we’re serving now.

Until then may your mind and belly be blessed. -The Chef

Above:Lubya;stewed tomatoes,chickpeas,corona beans panfried quinoa cake and a semi fried egg topped with cilantro and feta.Middle right:Granola:Persian seven spice granola,dragonfruit,papaya,blueberries,vanilla coconut yogurt topped with sumac. Top right: Lamb Stew: spiced lamb,dates, beet greens,pearl barley,cilantro yogurt.

Good food+poets= A blessed brunch

So the last month and some change we’ve been showcasing some of the talented poets of Seattle each weekend which has made a beautiful place to be with good food and a happy crowd.From Imani Sims, Nikkita Oliver and others it was was blessing to be blessed by their words.So to finalize january we had Korvus Blackbird entertain us.This brotha is pure fire and always has and will be.Thank you brotha!

We’re back at it for brunch this Saturday the 20th with a new menu!See yall there!

#MayYourMindAndBellyBeBlessed #FeedThePeople #WhosHungry #MorningStar

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A full house of words,smiles and food!

Well last Saturday was again another great weekend!Not only were we full but we added a new crew member to the Morning Star staff.Tiffani Jones,14 is also one of my students worked alongside Mia,Chris and I.I was more impressed how they handled my weirdness and performed very well in the kitchen.Still with the same menu,the waffle again was a hit!Along with food and music we featured two more poets ,Ismail Yusuf and Sholonda Higgins,both beautiful people who gave us their insight on their backgrounds as children through their words and it was beautiful!It has been a beautiful ride at Morning Star seeing a community of people young and old from various areas of Seattle enjoying themselves!Thank you Morning Star crew for doing again a fabulous job and we’ll see everyone next weekend!! #MayYourMindAndBellyBeBlessed #FeedThePeople #TeachTheKids #BombBrunch

SOLD OUT!! Guest Poet:Nikkita Oliver

Well last Saturday was a great day for Morning Star!Not only were we full all day but we completely sold out!Junior sous chef Mia and the new addition to the crew Chris and I handled it and made alot of people very happy and blessed!The almond waffle with cassia pear compote,spiced granola, rose syrup and greek yogurt was a hit,i may have to bring that one back.Also we had special guest National Poet slam Finalist Nikkita Oliver bless us with her beautiful poems which made the day!Love my crew for workin hard providing a beautiful space for our community! So if you haven’t been here yet i highly recommend coming by.

#MayYourMindAndBellyBeBlessed #WhosHungry #FeedThePeople #TeachTheKids


New logo,website & Saturday Brunch!

So last year was alot of working on branding,networking and more.So with the help of Jessica Rycheal ,Dante Garcia ,and Gabe we came together to create a new logo and website!Goto to find the latest on whats happening in the world of Chef T!Along with that we also,Jessica came up with the logo which im quite happy about how it came out!

Lastly,Morning Star brunch is still going on saturdays till football season is done and then we’ll be both saturday and sunday! Food is slammin,art is beautiful ,the guests are wonderful,and my crew is awesome! Be sure to come by for a morning of a good time!!



Coriander pancakes, star anise apple compote, rose syrup, Kharcho soft scrambled eggs, spiced lamb sausage


Jumbo prawns, Garam Masala brodo, soft polenta, citrus salad


Spiced lamb, kale, yams, chickpeas, radicchio, soft polenta, date syrup


House made biscuits with Syrian Zaatar black eye pea mushroom gravy, fried egg


Cumin scented quinoa, roasted vegetables, red Chermoula, fried egg

Millet Porridge

Qalat Daqqa spiced millet, coconut cream, spiced granola, maple syrup


OJ, coffee (provided by Tougo), grapefruit mimosa, rum infused cardamom hot chocolate, without rum available

 Brunch special

Almond waffle, cassia pear compote, granola, Greek yogurt, rose syrup

Brunch brunch brunch

Hey wassup everyone! I hope you all had a pleasant holiday and ready for the new year upon us !Morning Star has been a fun ride since the first day i started,from moving around to multiple locations changing of crew members,but its all been fun and alot of happy bellies!So to kick off the new year after a couple weeks off,we’re bringing brunch back to this saturday!Thats right we switched to saturday because of seahawk sundays were all about sports and thats cool.So come on down to 1408 18th ave seattle wa.98122 from 10 am-3pm.The menu is limited but the it will be the bomb!Come enjoy some music and beautiful art as well, see yall there! #bannister #morningstar #bombrunch #cheftarik #whoshungry


Next Brunch,new schedule

So living in Seattle that last 4 years ,our football team the Seahawks,have been getting better each year and has started a serious cult following.And because their play effects the way of business in this town which could go either way.Morning Star has been pretty good on Sundays but alot of times if there is a morning game alot of guests are either in hurry to get to the game or watch it or the turn out isn’t as good as i want it to be.So for that reason we are switching to Saturdays for the month of January,which should give us a better chance at a full house and more people can get a chance to enjoy the experience rather than rush,or not be able to to go because of the love they have for their team.This coming Saturday which will be the day after Christmas the 26th we will open at the same time 10am first come first serve and go till 3pm.I added a couple new dishes to the menu and a couple new drinks too.And not only are we starting on Saturdays but for the whole month of January we will be open every saturday this month.So as always looking forward to seeing you all this weekend ! #MayYourMindAndBellyBeBlessed #WhosHungry#MorningStar #ChefTarik #BombBrunch12039651_10207813003345419_395990877763962287_n

Lamburger mania for a good cause!

Alot of you may know that i love cooking especially lamb!Chops,tenderloin,lamb leg etc.Not only that i also love working with the youth ,both play a major role in my life.And with that i met with local burger chain Lil Woodys to collaborate on a burger of the week.

The answer: a slow braised spiced lamb,kalamata olive ,mama lil,preserve lemon tapanade,grilled tomatoes,feta,lettuce and date molasses. YES ITS THE REAL DEAL YALL!

So every burger sold $1 goes towards the Community Arts Create (CAC) of the Hillman City Collaboratory a community center focused on social justice and educating the youth and also house In The Kitchen with Chef T, my junior culinary program for kids ages 6-14.My student/junior cook Moses is in the pic above.I highly recommend grabbing one because its only around for one week starting today!

#areyouhungry #whoshungry #hillmancitycollaboratory #teachthekids #feedthepeople #lilwoodys