Let me ask you this,when you go out to eat or sit at home and having a meal do you ever think about the process it takes for you to get have that meal? I bet a large amount of us don’t have a clue,and we should.I have a few friends who are farmers, fishermen, purveyors etc. that do this for a living and have been for a long time and i have alot of respect for what they do. Last week i participated in an event called Feast with Friends,a signature event which brings Washington wineries, farms and local top chefs together to celebrate Washington’s rich agricultural bounty, benefiting the important work of Futurewise. Futurewise has been working throughout Washington State to create healthy livable communities, protect our working farmlands, forests and waterways, and ensure a better quality of life for present and future generations. Working alongside restaurants and businesses for the evening such as Kaspars, Macrina Bakery,Chaco Canyon and others to create a night of wine,great food and conversation for a great cause. Had a great time schmoozing with folk and talkin about the opening of the Black and Tan Hall and hope to be apart of it next year!!!

fullsizerender-10The chamomile basboosa was a hit!! #feedthepeople

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