Well for the last 5+ months at Bannister, Morning Star has provided a beautiful space for people to come together to listen to poets blessing us with their words,musicians and DJ’s giving us grooves,artists with their beautiful work dressing the walls and and great food.Unfortunately our time at Bannister has come to a close abruptly.The Fire Dept. came in told us we could no longer cook due to not having actual hoods while using open flame cooking (butane burners).Its sad that this had to happen,having a intimate communal permanent space making memories practically making it mine.But an ending to one chapter is a beginning to a new one.With this change happening less than 12 hours to saturday service i had to figure out what to do with all of this product.Finally i found a space that happens to be just a few blocks down the way from Bannister.The great thing about the new space,it has a commercial kitchen a stage for a band and enough space to seat atleast 70 people!After a few minutes with the owner and a decent service we are now officially going to be at JAAM REK  (2000 S. Jackson Seattle,Wa. 98122)located in the central district off of 20th and Jackson.The hours are still the same, 10am-3pm first come first serve just down the street with a bigger space!They may kick us out of this space but they cant keep us down! WE STILL HERE!

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