So finally after a few weeks of mediocre sales on saturdays and that Seahawk season is over, we’re doing our first saturday/sunday brunch this weekend!Since sunday is really the “day off” and for most folks saturday they are still working but would love to come out can now enjoy sundays!We’re going to do it twice a month.So the first and third sunday of each month with the back to back.Also this weekend we are doing a promotion. Africatown Innovation Center was vandalized last week and they need assistance in anyway.So if you come out to eat portion of our sales will goto supporting the rebuilding of the center.So come out for some great food,live music, and beautiful and to support our community! #whoshungry #feedthepeople #africatown #supportourcommunity #cheftarik #bombrunch12910209_10208910810749918_427742747_n

Pictured above: Ras Al Hanout spiced granola,kiwi,papaya, blueberries,mint,coconut yogurt,sumac. Photo courtesy of Zorn B Taylor

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