Well brunch has been goin well with a couple days being a bit slow but thats the flow of running a restaurant but id rather be doing this than working for someone. The last couple months have been showcasing poets, now its time for music.We had DJ Jason Justice spin one saturday and next up with be the jazz trio Kaffeine playing this saturday.This will be a good turnout plus i plan to have a couple specials that may be on the new menu in a week.Also be on the lookout for a new collaboration with a fellow pop up crew!Sunday brunches will be back in april which will mean weekend brunch woop woop! One thing for sure our brunch crew is great to work with and i thank you for all of your energy and hard work! New menu on the way ,but below are some of the dishes we’re serving now.

Until then may your mind and belly be blessed. -The Chef

Above:Lubya;stewed tomatoes,chickpeas,corona beans panfried quinoa cake and a semi fried egg topped with cilantro and feta.Middle right:Granola:Persian seven spice granola,dragonfruit,papaya,blueberries,vanilla coconut yogurt topped with sumac. Top right: Lamb Stew: spiced lamb,dates, beet greens,pearl barley,cilantro yogurt.

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