So living in Seattle that last 4 years ,our football team the Seahawks,have been getting better each year and has started a serious cult following.And because their play effects the way of business in this town which could go either way.Morning Star has been pretty good on Sundays but alot of times if there is a morning game alot of guests are either in hurry to get to the game or watch it or the turn out isn’t as good as i want it to be.So for that reason we are switching to Saturdays for the month of January,which should give us a better chance at a full house and more people can get a chance to enjoy the experience rather than rush,or not be able to to go because of the love they have for their team.This coming Saturday which will be the day after Christmas the 26th we will open at the same time 10am first come first serve and go till 3pm.I added a couple new dishes to the menu and a couple new drinks too.And not only are we starting on Saturdays but for the whole month of January we will be open every saturday this month.So as always looking forward to seeing you all this weekend ! #MayYourMindAndBellyBeBlessed #WhosHungry#MorningStar #ChefTarik #BombBrunch12039651_10207813003345419_395990877763962287_n

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