Being in the culinary industry has taught me alot with alot more to learn.For instance,the “farm to table” which is a quite popular term,has taught me about not only respecting our fruits and vegetables but to also respect its origin,the farmer.Without the farmer the majority of the world would be consuming processed lab made food.I have much respect for what they do. i grew up having gardens but imagining do it this process on a larger larger scale requires skill determination and of course passion.

So this weeknd in Oakland i’ll be invited to the Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference hosted by Kelly d Carlisle of Acta Non Verba Farms. A three day weekend full of various speakers ,panels and more.I’ll be doing a cooking class/demo on saturday showcasing the beautiful vegetables of ANV. i’m soo excited to be a part of a great project and Kelly thank you for inviting me!! Pics soon! 1509140_10153876046736808_8955835825702004804_n 11182206_10153997807111808_2674568365255558323_n 1174564_560403864013334_1321492690_n

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