The Morning Star crew did it again!Another full house of happy guests,beautiful art, good music and great food!!As a bonus i added a new addition to the team.Not only did one of my closest friends Michael Darby joined us, but one of my students Mia Cha who is 11 will now be one of my sous chefs as i will rotate a different student every other pop up,giving a chance to see whats its like to work the line.She did a great job and shes looking forward to workin with us again.Now as for the food i added biscuits with Kharcho lamb and chantrelle mushroom gravy with soft scrambled eggs.Artists had their work up and Aramis Hamer sold a piece,way to to go A! Like I said before this is our permanent space so we’ll be back in two weeks on October 25th!See yall soon!

#MorningStar #AdjandACook #WhosHungry #JuniorChefs #PopUp 12088057_10153432336552949_5720402542328334239_n 12028644_10207732210085638_5362764182346678601_o 11250032_10104556777912438_410207958532091080_n 12122804_10153337232954615_8323828898801623050_n

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