Pop ups,pop ups, and pop ups.Its been about 5 years since i first started ,and i’ll tell you its been an interesting yet fun ride.From the different locations,various crew members,the changing of concepts,the starting and stopping,slow shifts and busy shifts,the smiles on guests faces,the write ups and of course the changing of the food.It has been alot of fun and never regret any of it or even starting this project.Sometimes i feel like a veteran of pop ups because normally you do it for so long before you either open a space, or walk away from it and move on.So to the guests that have come and gone,the supporters,the foodies etc. I want to say thank you for being apart of a beautiful ride that we’ve communally and musically have created!

After some time away we’re back with a new look,new menu and a surprise!So this Sunday we’re bringing brunch back at a space that is cute, but fits what i feel is “the right size” for me and my crew.The menu will have 6-7 options covering all the usuals (seafood,vegetarian,vegan,meat,gluten free).Below are some pics of whats to offer.We’ll open at 10am and go till 3pm.There’s no reservations with a “first come first serve basis”

The Cakes
Tunisian 5 spice pancakes (gluten free) fig compote,mint,almonds

Our location, the previous wine bar Bannister  (1408 18th Ave. Seattle,Washington 98122) owned by Brian Wells, also of Tougo coffee shop (which is named after his son).We seat about 30 at a time so be sure to come early to get in!There will be music and of course good food and a few other surprises!Hope to see you all there! #WhosHungry? #MorningStar #SpiceMan #BTPOB #PWAK #GoatHouseProductions #TougoCoffee

Spiced braised lamb hash with raddichio and soft polenta,date syrup
Spiced braised lamb hash with raddichio and soft polenta,date syrup
Sumac scented granola,coconut yogurt,dried and fresh blueberries,orange blossom water scented goji berries

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