Well after summer classes were a success and a month and a half of downtime In the Kitchen with Chef T. will be starting this saturday.And with the demand and the popularity of the class we had to make some changes.There will be two age groups 6-10 from 10am-12pm and 1230pm-2pm and it’s still free.I’ll also have and assistant.So this saturday we’ll be having orientation/signup.If your child is between the ages of 6-10 please arrive at 10am if they are between the ages of 11-14 please arrive at 1230pm.We’ll do a quick tour and discuss what will be going on in their classes.There is a good chance that we may not have enough room for all kids so we may have to put names in a hat and draw names.Not only that,with the help of my friends daughter who has work alongside with me at Cicchetti as a prep cook since she was 13 (she’s now 19)volunteered to make a logo for the classes!Can’t wait to start and look forward to seeing you all this saturday! #teachthekids #hillmancitycollaboratory #InTheKitchenwithChefT 12032095_1816370945256536_4214327684946379502_n

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