A little over a year ago Mayor Ed Murray initiated Find it Fix it Community Walks,a series of walks led by the Mayor ,city officials,neighbors and business owners.These walks are to help improve neighborhoods,by identifying the problem (overgrown trees,graffiti etc.) and then the community and the city work together to fix these problems.

My neighborhood where i live,Hillman City is going through a change the last couple years with new businesses popping but still has areas of improvement.This is where Find It Fix It comes in.Cities of Service a national non profit that works with mayors to setup volunteering strategies granted $5000 to each neighborhood (5) resulting five $1000 mini-grants where neighbors come up with proposals that involve the community ,cost,detailed plan etc.Once all the proposals are submitted they are reviewed and 5 are picked per neighborhood. Once picked each proposal writer gets notified and a detailed plan of how the project gets done.Then on the day the Mayor and city officials walks through each community with locals and business owners to observe the projects.

On the corner of Rainier and Findlay there is an abandoned bldg along with abandoned planter boxes overgrown trees etc.This bldg is owned by a developer but no plans for demolition for a while but refuses to upkeep the place.So i submitted a proposal called “Adopt a planter” where six artists will pair up with kids to paint murals that defines community to them.Also on top of that Chef Ariel Bangs who heads up her junior culinary program called Taste Intl. revolving around healthy eating,youth empowerment,and more will be working with a group of kids to plant various types of herbs ,edible flowers etc.While this is going on there will be a huge cleanup around the building,in the end creating a beautiful piece of landscape and no longer an eyesore!This make me soo happy!

On Saturday September 12th other areas along Rainier that stretch 6 blocks will be getting cleaned,weeded,pressure washed etc.How can you not enjoy cleaning your own neighborhood with a group of beautiful people that value community,teamwork,and “neighborhood comradery”

All of this would not be possible without the help of Jenny Frankl,Rahwa Habte,Mayor Ed Murray and of course our neighborhood of Hillman City! WE ARE HILLMAN!

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