So i started teaching kids cooking about 15 years ago.I felt that i wanted to do more than work behind the line,basically find my true calling.After leaving Cicchetti and moving back to Hillman City I found a space to start my new venture.After the first the run of classes in the spring it was obvious that a summer course had to be started but more.Now i started a trial run “summer camp” with a three day Monday Wednesday Friday four hour class.Ten students ages 6-13 get a chance to to learn about cooking in all aspects,be it basic fundamentals,food justice,teamwork,field trips and more.So far it has been going great and the response from the community and of course the students has been huge that i got a grant to allow the kids to go for free!!!PCC Coop donated $500 in gift cards to purchase what is needed for each class!This is huge for the me and the community because the bottom line is to get theses kids off the streets!With Rachel Tefft who runs the garden project at the Collaboratory we also use the produce teaching them organic farming,seasonal harvesting etc.This is a great program with a bigger picture on the rise so stay tuned or come on down to see whats goin on in the kitchen,for now Cheers!!IMG_3490IMG_0035

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