Thats right our Seahawks are headed to the big dance again!And in honor of them representing us in the super bowl i will be providing a order and pick up limited menu.There are some great choices!Who’s hungry?

All orders must be place by 12PM on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Seahawk Fans & Food Fans

 Order Now!!

Super Bowl Bites!!


1st Down

Serves 2-4 fans


2nd Down

Serves 6-10 fans


3rd Down

Serves 10-18 fans



Serves 20+ fans


  • Harissa Wings: A spicy combo of Harissa heat and cilantro verde coats every bite.It is balanced with drizzles of date molasses,bringing the best of heat and happy to every bite.
  • El Greco Wings: A savory combo of Greek spices and Mediterranean blends makes every bite a dream.Top it with a generous dollop of lemon pepper yogurt and enjoy bliss.
  • Piri Piri BBQ Meatballs: lamb and beef meatballs seasoned with a North African Kofta blend.Simmered in a savory tomato sauce and slathered in a amazing savory BBQ sauce.
  • Spiced 3 bean chili: Cannelini beans,black beans,and chickpeas are slow cooked with ground beef,roasted garlic,assorted peppers and roasted tomatoes topped with feta.Vegetarian option available!!


1st down:…

2nd down:…

3rd down:…


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