Hello everyone!Hope you brought in the new year with a bang and positive vibes,because i did! Yesterday was the first brunch of the year at our permanent location La isla del Mojito in Hillman City.With a team of six, Morning Star had a packed house from open to close and sold out the menu! A six item menu with dishes such as Persian spiced french toast deep fried,pineapple compote,pomegranates, almonds,and coriander syrup,jerk spiced beef hash roasted red peppers,butternut squash,soft polenta topped with yogurt,shakshuka quiche,were just some of the mouth watering tastes!Fiddle players Ben Hunter and Joe Beamons entertained while mimosas, Persian spiced sorrel punch and good ol joe kept everyone feelin good! A success to our first one of the year and can’t wait for the next one!Thank you all for coming out and enjoying yourselves!We’ll see you in a couple weeks! Ciao!

#feedthepeopleCoriander pancakes,star anise apple compote,vadouvan spiced vegetable quiche

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