So back in September i went to LA to audition for the competition tv show The Taste on abc. Featuring Marcus Sammuelson Nigella Lawson Ludo LeFevbre and Anthony Bourdain. A blind taste in a spoon,one bite to win $100,000! And the verdict i made Anthony Bourdain’s team. Now on episode three so be sure to watch on Thursday night at 8pm abc!How was it being in the taste you ask?It was a fun time ,made new friends,saw old friends,and cooked food.I would love to tell you more but i’m bound by contract!But feel free to watch and we’ll talk about it when it’s over!ADJANDACOOK_12.7.13_BRYANANTON-5IMG_2420

2 thoughts on “I made it on The Taste!

  1. Omg! I had by back to the tele wrapping gifts Infront if the fire and I turned around one time and saw Naomi. I turned around a second time and you were there. So funny. Didn’t expect to see new faces on the taste.
    Congratulations. Looks like a fun show.

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