Pop ups pop ups,pop ups!There are pros and cons when comes to them!Pros:Its temporary,you’re in and out,no large bills,or the usual that deals with a brick and mortar.Cons:consistent space,looking for a space,storage space etc.Well hopefully all of that will change in the coming weeks.Working on securing a space possibly two for six months!What this means?Consistency,ample parking,walking distance in the neighborhood.Details will be posted in a few days!It has been a crazy up and down year but expect even bigger better things in the coming future. I first want to say thank you to the following people:Jessica Ness,Unika Noel,Dominique Stephens,Nate Simmons.This dream of mind would’ve never been possible without all of you!Second,every single guest that has come in our doors to support and being part of an experience together we created together!Jenny tucker of Sticks and Stones Photography thank you for taking the time off your hectic schedule to shoot my food and making it look soo yummy!let’s make it happen next year!!Press and media:Without you my food has been introduced to alot of people and has allowed me to introduce people the world of spices.And of course all of this wouldnt havent had happen if it weren’t for my beautiful parents that brought me in this world and made me the man i am today with more growth to come!Who’ hungry in 2015?

One thought on “Alot new changes!

  1. ahh thanks for the shout-out Chef Tarik. It has been my pleasure working with you and getting to shoot and TASTE your delicious food! Looking forward to what amazing things are ahead of you.

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