So after having to move all of sudden,we found a new spot,Tougo Coffee Shop off of 18th and Union.Right next door to Tougo is its neighboring sibling Bannister.The owner Brian Wells just opened the wine/charcuterie bar a few weeks with Sundays and Mondays closed.After a brief meeting, we made Bannister our home for November 16th.Wooden tables and chairs,a sliding wooden door separating Tougo & Bannister, framed photos provided by the owner himself,a beautiful wooden wine wall make up make up the 28 seat wine bar.A small kitchen consisting of a couple induction burners,a slicer,warmer a few cutting boards and refrigeration makeup for the kitchen.With a few adjustments to the menu we opened doors at 11am.A couple hiccups with the electric in the beginning but soon got back to normal,as food and smiles emerged.Lamb hashCellist Sam Anderson provided the music for the late morning alongside the very talented poet Imani Sims teasing the guests ears with her inviting words.Coriander pancakes with star anise apple compote,spiced roasted vegetable quiche, and spiced jumbo prawns with soft polenta were just a couple of the dishes that enticed the folks next door on their laptops to come by and eat!A sunny day in Seattle with beautiful people,lovely sounds and great food! Who’s Hungry!


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