Late night eating with Tha Def Chef aka #TurnoverKing and Tarik is back!Next friday at La Bodega Seattle with music and a new menu! I missed Midnight Mecca i hope yall did too!See yall there!PEACE!

Here’s the menu,Who’s Hungry?

Midnight Mecca

Patties $3ea./two for $5
Bbq chicken /Jerk veggie
(Spicy Bbq, sweet chili)

Red quinoa salad $8
(Red quinoa, Israeli cous cous, pomegranate seeds, cucumber, radish, walnuts, Zaatar vinaigrette)

Jerk short rib pita $10
(Pickled veggies, star fruit chutney, cilantro ,yogurt, greens)

Fried Tilapia w Basmati rice, Escovitch sauce $10

Chicken creole w/Basmati rice $10
(Smoked beef sausage, chicken, onions, peppers, tomatoes, greens)

Vadouvan lamb tagine $12
(Braised lamb, cous cous, currants, almonds, pomegranate reduction, yogurt)

Mini tarts
$3 ea. / 2 for $5
Coconut cream

“Ice Cream Sandwich” $4
Urfa Biber cookies Qalat Daqqa chocolate ice cream

Inquire about “Tha Sammich” chef’s special!

Tonight’s chefs: Chef Tarik &Tha Def Chef

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