Ok! Brunch has been going pretty good and the buzz just keeps going!We have a new location this Sunday!We’ll be at Jaam Rek Studios 2000 S. Jackson.Located in the heart of the central district,yours truly and my main man Jimaine Miller aka Def Chef will serving a Mediterranean style brunch.Dishes include Indian coriander pancakes with apple compote,rose syrup and toasted pecans,deep fried chicken and waffles with berry compote,harissa sausage and more!We want to cook good food and please your mind and belly!So come down and say hi or grab a bite and meet some new people!Blessings!

(honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, almonds, sumac)
Biscuits with Garam masala Gravy w scrambled eggs
Indian Coriander Pancakes (3)
(Gluten free)
(Toasted pecans, and apple compote)
El Greco Hash browns, Zaatar scrambled eggs, harissa lamb sausage
Def Chef’s !!
Chicken and waffle, scrambled eggs
(Deep fried chicken, buttermilk waffle, apple compote or blueberry compote
Lamb hash w/Zaatar scrambled eggs
(Vegetarian available)
Hash browns $5
½ order pancakes $4
Harissa sausage $4
Scrambled eggs $4
Drinks Sweets
O.J $2 Qalat Dukkah sweet potato pie w/coconut whipped cream $2
Coffee $2 Mini apple tart $3 ea. or 2 for $5

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