My dear followers and blog i do apologize for not paying more attention to you.First off i decided to bring back A DJ AND A COOK WITH “Midnight Mecca Cafe”.A late night small bites spot serving Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine. With the assistance of Manu’s sandwich shop “La Bodega” located in pioneer square,we transformed the place into a late night hangout with sounds of Foreign Exchange,Proh Mic,Little Dragon,and jamaican patties,braised octopus with merguez lemon coriander cake and more delighted many folk.
Jimane Miller,Ariella Bangs,and I came together like Voltron to give everyone a night to remember and to let them know late night food is on the way!!What a turn out!About 35 people were at the door at open and it pretty much stayed full most of the night.What made the night even more special was a surprise visit by India Arie!With our debut of Midnight Mecca Being a success,we will now begin having a floating pop up so stay tuned for dates!Coming to a belly near you!IMG_1681





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