For the love of spice






That’s right a spiced themed dinner for 23 lucky guests enjoying spices such as boharat,besar,sumac, and more!DJ Pho Sho was on the decks playin jams all evening !A beautiful communal table contained the harissa spiced duck breasts with fig demi and baby spring vegetables,or the berbere rubbed 2″ lamb chop besar spiced sweet potatoes and cioppolinis with house made date molasses was pretty nice!3 hours of laughs smiles music and games!So as a bonus i placed a mystery box in front them and they weren’t allowed to open it until after the dinner.Inside the box was a 1 oz. jar of a spice a sticker and a charm to wear as a necklace (a microphone or a fork).The twist was i put a third charm in one box and the winner  with that third charm would use their spice to come up with a recipe to cook in the next pop up!Cool right?So the winner was announced she is workin on a recipe as we speak, and will discussing our ideas tomorrow!I apologize for no photos yet but they are coming soon!Thank you all for being apart of a culinary musical community! i wonder,what should i do next?

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