Well we pulled it off again with our third dinner.At a secret location in capitol hill Chef Clayton Kinsey served up seven courses of divine culinary pleasures.He wanted to do the first dinner of the year so gathered his guests,they all came and enjoyed a beautiful evening.Grilled spam,watercress emulsion,turnip puree and a poached quail egg were just one of the dishes he served up that night.The wine was paired beautifully by sommelier Cheryl from Sarafina,while Dj Matsui had the tunes goin all night.The location was a beautiful two floor loft provided by our friend Katy,had an open kitchen which made the guests feel involved during the cooking process.The evening wasn’t complete without dessert.Sarah Muhammed prepared a double layer chocolate cake that was soooo good was paired with Twin Brook Creamery whole milk,the perfect way to end the night!My brother Luke took spectacular photos of the evening, we’ll have them up in a couple days for you to see.Thank you to everyone involved making it a great night and thanks to the guests for joining us.PEACE!

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