Well we did it again!After a month and some change,we put on our second pop up dinner named “Sketches of Spain”. A spanish themed event full of beautiful guests,great music and unbelievable food.Tim Kennedy jazz trio provided the entertainment for 25 guests as they enjoyed ten courses from four talented cooks, Tarik,Nate,Mako,and Clayton while the “director of drink” Luke provided the pairings.

At a disclosed location, a warm dining room was setup with a long communal table, with warm colors of red,yellow,and aqua,with beautiful flowers, candles,and of course the bicycle bullhorn centerpiece topped it off.Smiles,engaging conversations, oohs and awes were just some of the reactions we got from guests as the food and drink were placed in front of them.

Pork pate,mackerel with crispy rice,cold almond and garlic soup,were just some of the dishes served that evening as the sangria,Cava and other drinks came together to please their palates.This whole evening wasn’t possible without a great team and of course the people involved for providing the location.We thank all of you for being a part of a lovely evening and we hope to see you again.I wonder where we’ll be next?

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