We held our first pop-up dinner on the evening of July 24th. It was an incredible evening, the culmination of weeks of planning, sleepless preparation, and the collaboration of an extraordinary group of people.

Three cooks teamed up to prepare a 15-course tasting menu, a sommelier paired six wines, and a bartender created five cocktails for an epic six-hour meal. The menu consisted of five course sets, including salads, fish, poultry, meats, and desserts. One wine was paired with each course set, and culinary cocktails cleansed the guests’ palates in between.

The setting was beautiful: one long table inhabited a long corridor of an art space in Seattle’s International District. Candles lined the walls and the cornices of the floors. Cut paper art hung from the ceiling, waving like a ghost casting shadows in the dim light. Two bewildered goldfish swam back and forth in a flower vase in the center of the table, certainly enjoying the best night of their aquatic lives.

Guests chatted and laughed as they munched voraciously on duck terrines, escolar crudo, jerk chicken ballontine, chicken fried beef tongue, and chocolate caramel cheesecake—just a few of the many dishes. The hum of Spanish guitar strings floated through the warm air and Pat Volpi, in town from Guatemala, serenaded the guests with her beautiful voice.

Seth, our gracious host, kept us laughing and entertained with dance lessons and stories. The last course finally flew out the kitchen door at nearly one o’clock in the morning, the conclusion to a satisfying, perfect evening.

Below are some pictures from this wonderful event. We are hard at work planning our next pop-up dinner, so stay tuned!

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