New year what’s in store?

The return of Feed the People will be back in a few weeks stay tuned for details !But to start the year off I had the opportunity to interview Chef Bryant Terry at Seattle’s own Book Larder located in Fremont. The event was a free to the public in an intimate setting giving roughly 50 ppl a chance to listen to the 2015 James Beard award winner talk about his new book Vegetable Kingdom. His 5th book is full of vibrant photos unique yet fun recipes and of course his famous playlist .Dishes such as the fonio cakes with chimichurri sauce are great on a late Saturday rainy morning brunch at home.From food justice to food systems,his life as a father to even the diaspora the evening was full of joy and good times! Thank you chef for visiting my home town and let’s hope to cook again together and feed the people!

Welcome to FTP!

Good afternoon and happy new year yall!! How have we all been doing and how is the new year treating you? Well it’s been a really long time since ive been o in here and now its time to bring it back. The blog will have up to date events ,thoughts on my mind, recipes to make and food to eat of course so welcome to Feed The People!!20191007_133321

An afternoon with the kiddos.

As usual i enjoy teaching children cooking when i can and so i couldn’t turn down the Northwest Folk Festival. A weekend full of kid events located at the Seattle Center from live dance performances, to tutorials,games, and more. I got the opportunity to host a ten students duo of classes on making granola bowls with fruit and yogurt. Giggles and screams,and big smiles means everyone is having a great time!melon ballers are a great way to introduce to them.The fascination of creating shapes was more than fun !Thank you Kelli Fryar for the opportunity and i’ll see you next year!


Feast with Friends…

Let me ask you this,when you go out to eat or sit at home and having a meal do you ever think about the process it takes for you to get have that meal? I bet a large amount of us don’t have a clue,and we should.I have a few friends who are farmers, fishermen, purveyors etc. that do this for a living and have been for a long time and i have alot of respect for what they do. Last week i participated in an event called Feast with Friends,a signature event which brings Washington wineries, farms and local top chefs together to celebrate Washington’s rich agricultural bounty, benefiting the important work of Futurewise. Futurewise has been working throughout Washington State to create healthy livable communities, protect our working farmlands, forests and waterways, and ensure a better quality of life for present and future generations. Working alongside restaurants and businesses for the evening such as Kaspars, Macrina Bakery,Chaco Canyon and others to create a night of wine,great food and conversation for a great cause. Had a great time schmoozing with folk and talkin about the opening of the Black and Tan Hall and hope to be apart of it next year!!!

fullsizerender-10The chamomile basboosa was a hit!! #feedthepeople

Busy weekend!!

After a quick worktrip to New York on thursday i came and hot the kitchen pretty tough.A catering gig for the Black Farmers Collective,then an art event at the Paramount Theater for ReDEFINITION friday night, The Black Panther Party series featuring Emory Douglas ,Tariqa Lewis, Aaron Dixon and others was a beautiful event to be a part of and to finish it off,set a food stall at the Mt. Baker Light Rail Station for the Mt. Baker Hubfest. All of this wouldn’t have been possible with my Sous chef Antione, brotha you are more than just a chef you are a true friend thank you and thank you to everyone that allowed us to feed you and always we will continue to #feedthepeople.



The latest…..

Well since the last post a few things have happened,first off the progress of the community funded performing arts space and restaurant “Black and Tan Hall” has been coming along with the remodel/buildout.The way things are looking we should be open for new years eve!! Went to new york and checked out the ever so popular Afropunk Festival held in Brooklyn at Commodore Barry Park.Acts such as Living Colour,Janelle Monae,The Internet and more along with vendors lots of food and beautiful brown people everywhere!! As always Morning Star brunch at the Royal Room has been going well in the new space, we’ve actually added a new component with a farmers market stand outside during service offering guest as well as neighbors a chance to buy organic produce at a great price on a day when theres no market stands.Lastly Just have been working on community projects such as The Danny woo Garden fundraiser, The Seattle public Library

food justice education and literacy event and a couple others.So the usual just stayin busy and doing what i love!

Food,chefs and meat=Burning Beast

This past weekend i had the pleasure to work with talented chef Charles Wapole of Blind Pig Bistro and Babirusa at the very popular Burning Beast.Located in Arlington at Smoke Farms, this weekend getaway is full of great food,talented chefs out in the middle of nowhere while on the last day a huge wooden beats is built and burned on the last day to end it all.Put on by chef Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata, this event has become a cult following coming up on its 9th year.Had alot of fun and hopefully looking forward to being one of the chefs showcasing next year!

Summer camp at The Collaboratory

Well with summer sun finally here, and everyone is enjoying it why not have your kids enjoy some cooking!So in collaboration with Coyote Central we are doing a six week trial run on summer camp featuring cooking classes by yours truly,Chef Ariel Bangs, and a jewelry making class.My first two weeks were awesome and had a great bunch of kids each week.Knife practice, to basic stocks and more were some of the things happening even a little food competition.The next two weeks are ran by Chef Ariel, as she will focus on baking and baking fundamentals,stop on by between the hours of 9am-1pm monday-friday and check what she’s doing.By this time next year we should have full blown camp featuring cooking,baking,as well as other types of courses for kids ages 11-15.

We’re baaack!

After a two month much need hiatus/break/rest Morning Star is back and at a new location,The Royal Room!A much bigger space located in Columbia City neighboring where live of Hillman City, so it feels great to be back “home”! We’ll be open from 10am-2pm with live performance by Kaffeine from noon-1pm. Hope to see you all there!! Because sometimes you need a stack of vanilla bean pancake with apricot compote and coriander syrup and lemon zest. #whoshungry #weareback #feedthepeople


On the come back.

Well after a hiatus of about two months, things are on the up and up!We found a new location and Morning Star is coming back!With some sponsorship to help get us back up and rollin along with a back injury and a moment of sadness, we’re comin back with a bigger space and a clearer look of how Morning Star plays a role in our community.After a few talks and a agreement we will be at The Royal Room coming back to my “hood” and fitting in with the density of Columbia City.This is the biggest space we’ve ever been in seating about 100 ppl and we’re expected to be quite busy so im hoping to see alot of familiar folk and of course new ones. There will be a few changes but the experience we will do give our best!So be on the lookout for the menu with some classics and a couple new ones. So glad to be back!!!

See yall soon!- The Chef #whoshungry #feedthepeople